Massage Oil – Miss Envy

100% organic THC infused massage oil, designed to
deeply penetrate, relax an soothe. 420mg THC/bottle.

Miss Envy Botanicals’ signature blend was developed to create a sensual
aromatic experience, bringing couples to a higher level of intimacy. A
100% organic blend of oils specially formulated to arouse, soothe and
nourish your partner from head to toe.




Miss Envy CBD Oil Tinctures

Massage Oil – Miss Envy Botanicals carries a wide array of CBD and THC infused products, so you’ll be sure to find something that suits your very specific needs. Miss Envy CBD Oil Tinctures provide rapid relief in a convenient, ready-to-use method of absorption. These solvent-free tinctures are made with clean, pure CBD and THC extracts and MCT Oil as a base for its natural bioavailability and fast absorption. These easy to use oils and tinctures can be used as an additive into your favourite foods, snacks and beverages or simply congested sublingually by taking a few measured drops under the tongue. The child-resistant dropper pipette makes dispensing and dosing not only easier but also cleaner and more efficient.

What Are Cannabis Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures have been prevalent in North America, with history dating back to the 19th century, a time when tinctures were the main method of consumption for medicinal cannabis, before cannabis prohibition was implemented by the United States of America in 1937. Traditionally, cannabis tinctures are made by soaking decarboxylated bud and plant material in high percentage alcohol. This process extracts the various cannabinoids and terpenes, allowing them to seperate from the rest of the undesirable plant-matter such as waxes and lipids. What is left is an all-purpose medicinal tincture or alcohol-based solution that is ideal for almost any ailment that can be treated with cannabis.Throughout time, cannabis tinctures have been referred to as “green dragon” due to its deep green hue. Although this name may seem menacing or intimidating, cannabis tinctures are actually one of the most user-friendly and easily applicable cannabis products available today. Miss Envy CBD Oil Tinctures are a popular alternative to smoking or vaping.

The Benefits of Cannabis Tinctures

Although the use of tinctures is not as prevalent as it was in the past, when it was once were the most prescribed form of cannabis medication at the time. Tinctures are still favoured by medical cannabis patients who have the need to medicate without wanting to feel the psycho-active or “high” feelings associated with cannabis or THC. This concentrated liquid form of cannabis offers users plenty of benefits, whether they be therapeutically, versatility or discretion. Tinctures are quickly absorbed through the blood stream, making them fast acting and allowing a shorter time period for the cannabinoids to connect to receptors. What also makes cannabis tinctures great is that they are odor-free, making them especially discreet. Medical or recreation users are able to medicate safely without disturbing others. Health-wise, cannabis tinctures are considered one of the safest ways to use medical cannabis. Since tinctures are primarily used orally or topically, compared to tradtional smoking, tincture users are able to avoid the negative side-effects associated with smoking, such as the carcinogens and toxins in the smoke.

How To Use Cannabis Tinctures

Tinctures are very multi-purpose and have almost endless opportunities to be applied. Cannabis tinctures are most commonly used sublingually – this method allows for the quickest absoption of CBD or THC into your bloodstream, which in turn advances the amount of time required for users to feel the full effects, in the shortest amount of time. The sublingual method involves dropping an ideal or prescribed dosage under the tongue, and to wait roughly 30 seconds before swallowing the tincture. Tinctures can also be easily used by dropping the predetermined dosage onto your tongue and instantly swallowing. What makes tinctures even more versatile and if not easier-enjoyable, is that they simply be added into your favourite food or beverages because the cannabinoids are already activated. Miss Envy CBD Oil Tinctures are a great and convenient option for users that cannot handle the negative side effects of smoking and are extremely easy to use.


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