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TRIPPLE G, a cross between GRockbud, G Sensi Star and Ghost is a potent Indica-dominant hybrid that delivers strong effects without debilitating sedation. With aromatic notes of spice and grape, Rockstar is a favorite medicine for headaches, pain, and sleep disorders.

Also known as Ghost OG, Triple G produces buds brimming with a tasty, tropical, but slightly skunky aroma and fresh, earthy undertones. It’s indica-dominant, so some buds might have deep and alluring purple hues. When you BUY TRIPPLE G EUROPE you’re ready to smoke or vape it, the taste leans towards a sweet but lime-like flavor.
THC levels tend to average around the low to mid 20’s and many reviewers say they have enjoyed this strain’s potential capabilities in dulling pain caused by various conditions and symptoms including spinal discomfort.
Fans of Triple G have also stated it’s a good strain that can help calm nerves, eliminate psychological stress, and allow the mind to find rest from the onslaught of thoughts that tend to keep us up at night.
This indica-dominant strain might induce hunger or sedation so be prepared with some healthy snacks nearby and a comfy place to either lounge or fall asleep.
The Royal Queen Seeds Triple G strain of cannabis is a strain you will want to try if you have not already. This plant is created by extraordinary genetics. If you want to know more details, look at this post.
As we mentioned, this hybrid variety, predominantly indica has a great genetic origin. The breeders used the famous Gorilla Glue #4 as their first parental strain, and to add an extra psychoactive hit they added Gelato #33.
The result is this strain with a THC content of 26%, which will get your mind off things in no time, so novice smokers should take it easy.
It will also induce you a high and immerse you in a trip full of creativity. In addition, the Triple G strain is ideal for smokers who are looking for therapeutic benefits.
Aroma and taste
This variety combines different flavors such as chocolate, berries and candy, while its aroma mixes touches of earth, spices and diesel.
Growing Aspects
The buds of the Triple G are filled with bright orange pistils and a thick layer of trichomes. Both indoors and outdoors, it develops a medium height and is very easy to grow.
Indoors it can reach harvests of about 500-575g/m². In addition, its flowering phase is 8-9 weeks, while outdoors it produces about 550-650g per plant and will be ready to harvest by mid-October.

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